FIB-SEM Nanofabrication
Photo of the FIB-SEM system VELION
FIB-SEM where FIB truly comes first
FIB and SEM for Nanofabrication, Nanoengineering and inspection
Unique FIB-centric architecture
Unique FIB-centric architecture

FIB-SEM for FIB-centric nanofabrication

FIB centric lithography architcture and laser interferometer stage supported by a tailored SEM column

VELION is a novel FIB-SEM instrument in which FIB nanofabrication has matured into the standard technique for fabricating three dimensional and high resolution nanostructures, such as plasmonic devices, nano-fluidics, localized implantation and functionalization. 

With its unique set-up of a vertical FIB-column and attached SEM, in combination with Raith’s laser interferometer stage and mature lithography technology, VELION truly defines FIB nanofabrication as the priority technique. The dedicated system architecture ensures unrivaled stability, accuracy, and automation. Even the most complex structures can be fabricated with highest precision, completely unattended over many hours.

Four modes. Two beams. One system.

VELION offers unique capabilities for advanced FIB nanofabrication while also allowing sample preparation, process control, and entry level e-beam lithography - all in one tool!

FIB Nanofabrication

Benefit from achieving results faster by eliminating time-consuming and yield-limiting steps in the lithography-process like etching of new and challenging materials. Direct milling and etching are possible for the creation of 3D structures, even on topographic samples and distributed over large areas.

Sample Preparation

Prepare your TEM samples with FIB milling and SEM live control in-situ. Gas injection systems, nano probers, and accurate end-point control enable various sample preparation applications.


Process control

Check your process development and results in-situ. With advanced stage setups, high-resolution SEM, and automated metrology, process control can be performed directly for fast parameter optimization.


E-Beam Lithography

Exploit the unlimited opportunities of combined FIB and SEM in a single tool. Applying the SEM to basic EBL processes is also possible thanks to features including sophisticated parameter control, automatic scans, and proximity effect correction.


Unique features of a unique FIB-SEM

  1. Dedicated nanoFIB Three ion column
  2. Tailored high-resolution FE-SEM inspection column
  3. Laser interferometer stage
  4. Multi-species ion beam technology
  5. Matured software for nanofabrication and inspection
  6. Truly continuous writing strategies
  7. Various options including gas injection, nano manipulators, EDX, and more
  8. Configurable platform for future upgrades
Illustration of FIB-SEM Whitepaper

White Paper FIB-SEM nanofabrication

The White Paper "FIB-SEM Nanofabrication: Key Strength for Benchmark Applications" highlights typical applications that can be addressed with VELION, such as 3D nanostructures at once over mm length, FIB hard masking of large area patterns and many more. Learn how to  how to get access to a wide range of applications which are beyond the reach of common FIB-SEM and EBL instruments.


Configurable setups for extended versatility

CAD image of a typical VELION FIB-SEM setup
CAD view of a VELION setup including SEM, SE and EDX detector, 5 channel and two single line GIS, optical macroscope as well as two nano manipulators

With numerous universal ports on the vacuum chamber, VELION supports a configurable setup that can be upgraded in the future. Among other things, the FIB-SEM system can be fitted with different multi- and mono-line gas injection systems. Usinf multiple GISs from opposite directions allows for gas-induced processes such as wiring of nanoobjects and X-section analysis. Gas-assisted etching provides better selectivity, improved removal rates, and less redeposition.

An additional new add-on option is a nanoprofilometer, which allows both 3D process control and lateral secondary electron imaging information. The 3D surface imaging solution nanoSense helps to qualify deposition, etching, and milling processes in situ within minutes. Further options include cartesian nano-manipulators, various optical cameras, chamber de-contaminator, sample auto height sensing, and more.


IONselect technology - FIB nanofabrication beyond gallium

Photo of nanoFIB Three ion column of FIB system
Raith’s nanoFIB Three ion column truly defines a new state of the art in FIB technology

The nanoFIB Three technology is used for the stable delivery of gold, silicon, or other ions with nanometer beam diameters. The flow optimized alloy ion source and low aberration ion optics enable easy switching between multiple ion species from a single source, while preserving the high resolution and stability of the nanoFIB Three column.

Learn more about IONselect >>

IONselect offers a range of species from doubly charged light ions to heavy ions and clusters, all with excellent handling, enabling different yet-to-be-explored nanofabrication techniques. Processing with low contamination, specific functionalization, higher resolution or surface sensitive milling will pave the way for new breakthroughs in next-generation research.




  • Direct and 3D nanofabrication
  • Ga-free FIB nanofabrication
  • Nanoengineering platform
  • Sample preparation
  • SEM inspection and lithography


  • 4“ full travel
  • Large Z travel
  • Rotation and tilt sample holder
  • Other tilt setups
  • nanoFIB Three
  • IONselect
  • Ion column 35kV Ga (Au, Si,Ge)
  • FE-SEM column 30kV


  • traxx 长线条无写场拼接曝光模式
  • periodixx周期结构无写场拼接曝光模式




  1. VELION系列产品手册(PDF)
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  3. Raith Nanofabrication and SEM Instrument Technologies Brochure(PDF)(PDF)
  4. Application Note sketch & peel(PDF)(PDF)
  5. Application Note Ion Beam Lithography for Fresnel Zone Plate Fabrication in Gold on Membranes(PDF)(PDF)
  6. Application Note traxx(PDF)(PDF)
  7. Application Note periodixx(PDF)(PDF)
  8. Raith产品手册