Micrograph Award

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Before you register, please note:

A submission is comprised of up to three micrographs and up to three optional micrographs,
all of the same application.

1. Micrograph(s)
They are the basis of evaluation. Per submission at most three micrographs of the same application are accepted!

2. Optional micrograph(s)
You can add them to point up your micrograph(s). A maximum number of 3 micrographs are accepted!

3. You can participate in the micrograph award with more than one submission. The form will guide you.   

4. Saving parameters

• Valid file format is jpg!

• Maximum file size per micrograph: 1.5 MB!

• Resolution 150 - 300 dpi (please avoid 72 dpi)!

• No compression!


1. Micrograph description
Limitation to maximum 2000 characters (these equal 1/2 DIN4 page in Arial 12 pt)

2. Scientific motivation
Limitation to maximum 1000 characters (these equal 1/4 DIN4 page in Arial 12 pt)

In case your explanatory notes should be published, they are not subject to the editorial process. Thus please be so kind as to carefully examine them before you submit them!


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